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Types of Massachusetts Scarring and Disfigurement Burn Injuries

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Massachusetts Chemical Burns Lawyer

Massachusetts chemical burns most often occur in Massachusetts industrial accidents. Massachusetts chemical burns are injuries that are caused when a strong acid or base comes into direct contact with skin. Massachusetts chemical burns may be the result of a Massachusetts accident or an assault, and may occur in a Massachusetts home, at a Massachusetts school, or in Massachusetts workplaces, especially in Massachusetts businesses or Massachusetts manufacturing plants where large amounts of caustic chemicals are used. Exposure to corrosive materials containing dangerous chemicals may dissolve skin upon contact, and these chemicals are difficult to wash away. Scarring and systemic damage is always a concern when Massachusetts chemical burns occur.

Caustic chemicals are found in many types of Massachusetts cleaning products, battery fluid, Massachusetts pool chemicals, drain cleaners and fireworks. Many other acids and bases are highly dangerous, and serious Massachusetts burn injuries can be caused by common household products. Eyes are particularly vulnerable to Massachusetts chemical burns. The severity of Massachusetts chemical burns may be deceptive. Hydrofluoric acid, for example, can eat to the bone before the extent of the chemical burn becomes evident on the surface. Pain, shock and the slow, progressive nature of Massachusetts chemical burn damage may make it difficult to thoroughly evaluate chemical burn injuries at the time of a Massachusetts accident.

Massachusetts Electrical Burns Attorney

Massachusetts electrical burns can occur in a Massachusetts home or while working at a Massachusetts jobsite. Massachusetts electrical burns take place when an electrical current jumps from a wire, outlet, cord or appliance and passes through the human body. The electricity from the current may be strong enough to burn the skin or cause massive internal damage, which in some severe cases includes cardiac arrest. The internal injuries caused by a Massachusetts electrical burn may not be immediately evident, as the visible electrical burns may simply be entry and exit points of the electrical current. The entry point of Massachusetts electrical burns is usually the hand.

Massachusetts electrical burns may be caused by high voltage wires, overhead power lines, electrical outlets, cords or appliances. Many Massachusetts electrical burn injuries result from dropping a plugged-in appliance into water, a child putting an electrical cord into their mouth or a person sticking something into an outlet. Many Massachusetts work related electrical burns are caused by the negligent mishandling of wires or power lines.

Massachusetts Inhalation Burns Lawyer

Massachusetts inhalation burns are serious Massachusetts burn injuries which can cause the injured victim to experience breathing difficulties, lung problems and even Massachusetts wrongful death. While effective treatments for Massachusetts inhalation burns do exist, the administration of proper therapy is often delayed because Massachusetts inhalation burns can be difficult to detect. This is because symptoms of inhalation burns do not appear for up to forty eight hours after exposure to smoke or chemical fumes. Massachusetts inhalation burns can be caused by a variety of substances. The most common types of Massachusetts inhalation burns include heat inhalation, smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide inhalation. Massachusetts heat inhalation injuries can happen when someone directly breathes in hot air from a flame, or when high pressure forces heat, such as steam, into the victim's face.

Inhalation of heated air causes damage to the mucous membranes in the nose and damages the upper airways. In severe cases, the heat might also damage the lungs. When this happens, the Massachusetts inhalation injury can lead to respiratory failure and even wrongful death. Depending on the severity of the injury, Massachusetts heat inhalation victims may require oxygen therapy or intubations.

Massachusetts smoke inhalation typically occurs when a Massachusetts burn victim is trapped inside an enclosed space filled with hot air and smoke. Massachusetts smoke inhalation burns are especially common among Massachusetts firefighters who are exposed to fire situations in the daily course of their job. Even a few minutes of exposure to heavy smoke can cause smoke inhalation burns. Symptoms of Massachusetts smoke inhalation include scorched nasal hairs, eyebrows and eye lashes; soot around the mouth and nose; and breathing difficulties. The most common sources of Massachusetts carbon monoxide inhalation are Massachusetts residential fires and Massachusetts motor vehicle fires. Once inhaled, the toxins affect the human body’s ability to absorb oxygen. The symptoms of Massachusetts carbon monoxide poisoning include confusion, shortness of breath, skin irritation and abdominal pain.

Massachusetts Radiation Burns Attorney

Massachusetts radiation burns are caused by contact with nuclear radiation or ultraviolet light. Radiation therapy, strong sunlight, tanning beds, and overexposure to x-rays during medical imaging may all result in Massachusetts radiation burns. Massachusetts radiation burns resulting from life-saving cancer treatment are a well-known risk of radiation treatment. Massachusetts medical personnel and Massachusetts researchers are at the highest risk of radiation burns when handling radiation-producing devices, such as x-ray machines. Sunburns, which can be severe at times, also fall under the category of Massachusetts radiation burns.

Massachusetts Scalding Burns Lawyer

Massachusetts scald burns are common and can be very serious. Scald burns are thermal burns that occur when very hot liquids come into contact with the skin. Hot water, coffee, tea, soup and steam are all hot enough to cause a severe Massachusetts scald burn injury. The temperature of the hot water splashed on the body has a tremendous impact on the type of injuries sustained. For example, 150 degree water can cause third degree burns in just one second of exposure. By contrast, it would take approximately 30 seconds of exposure to 130 degree water to suffer comparable injuries.

Massachusetts scald burns are the most common burn injury to Massachusetts children under the age of four. These injuries may occur when parents or caregivers are in a hurry or distracted and do not take appropriate preventive measures. Most Massachusetts scald burns occur in the kitchen, such as from microwave steam or hot liquids being pulled off a stove. A Massachusetts scald burn injury can also occur when a hot water heater is set too high by a Massachusetts landlord or another person. Hot water heaters should be set at 120 degrees maximum, but many Massachusetts hot waters heaters are set at 140 degrees or more.

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