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Massachusetts Burn Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation

Massachusetts burn injuries are some of the most excruciating injuries a person can sustain. Skin is the body's largest organ and protects us from infection. When a person suffers a Massachusetts burn injury, he or she will require immediate medical care to reduce complications and infections. In cases of severe Massachusetts burn injuries, long-term treatment and rehabilitation is necessary for recovery. There are several stages of burn injury treatments, all of which are necessary to ensure that a patient heals properly. The treatment and rehabilitation process can be painful, exhausting and expensive, and can affect injured Massachusetts victims for the rest of their lives.

Massachusetts Acute Burn Treatment

The treatment a Massachusetts burn injury victim receives immediately following a Massachusetts burn injury accident is critical. It is important for a therapist to begin a range of motion program immediately. While hospitalized, a Massachusetts victim may require two therapy sessions a day to ensure optimal long-term function. Medications will most likely be prescribed to help ease the pain. A Massachusetts therapist will develop a treatment plan tailored to a Massachusetts patient's pain level, wound status, breathing capabilities and anxiety. Proper positioning of an individual is critical to reduce the shortening of the tendons, ligaments and joints. Contractures can develop quickly if a patient's wounds are not treated and closed immediately. Depending on the area of the body that is burned, Massachusetts patients may be treated with splints for optimal range of motion.

Massachusetts Skin Grafts

In most severe Massachusetts burn injury cases, Massachusetts patients will undergo skin grafts. Skin grafting is the process used to improve the appearance and function of the affected area. Whenever possible, Massachusetts surgeons try to cover the wounded area with the Massachusetts patient's own skin taken from a healthy area of the body. This type of Massachusetts skin graft is referred to as an auto graft. It is preferred because a patient's own skin is not rejected by the body's immune system, making auto grafts permanent and relatively successful. The skin is typically harvested from an area that is usually not seen, such as the buttocks or thighs. The surgeon uses a special instrument to remove a layer of skin that is then transplanted into the burned area.

In cases of severe Massachusetts burns, it is sometimes impossible to obtain a graft of the patient's own skin. In order to cover the burned area, Massachusetts doctors sometimes use skin grafts from skin tissue banks or artificial skins made from animal products. Skin grafts from donated skin, however, only provide a temporary solution in emergency situations. Because the body's immune system recognizes the transplanted skin as foreign, it typically rejects the graft within one to three weeks, when surgery will be required. Surgical procedures that Massachusetts burn victims may have to undergo include debridement, excision, escharotomy and dermabrasion.

Massachusetts Long-term Care and Rehabilitation

The long-term rehabilitation process for a Massachusetts burn victim is physically challenging. Massachusetts burn injury rehabilitation programs differ based on the age and overall health of the Massachusetts patient, and may include a variety of procedures depending on the type of burn injury, its extent and the affected area. In most cases, Massachusetts patients are advised to wear pressure garments and to perform regular exercise. Pressure garments are used to avoid the formation of rough, sturdy scars that might cause deformations and obstruct joint movement.

Exercise therapy is another very important element of proper Massachusetts burn injury rehabilitation. Regular movement of the injured limbs is necessary in order to lessen the amount of scar tissue and to ensure joint mobility. While exercise at this stage might be painful, it is vital in preserving normal range of motion.

In addition to the physical challenges Massachusetts burn injury victims face, they also face emotional hurdles as well. Massachusetts burn injury victims often experience a roller coaster of emotions, ranging from persistent post-traumatic stress to extreme fear, anxiety, sadness and depression. While their physical wounds may heal and they may return to their daily activities, many Massachusetts burn victims experience psychological distress that lasts for many months or even years. In order to lessen the emotional damage and improve psychological well-being, it is important to receive personal counseling and therapy to help cope with the emotional distress caused by a Massachusetts burn injury accident.

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It is critical that you or your loved one get in touch with one of our Boston, MA burn injury lawyers right away following a Massachusetts fire or a Massachusetts explosion incident and without trying to settle your own Massachusetts burn injury claim or even contacting any of the adverse parties. When individuals, in the past, have acted against our advice and tried to work on or settle their Massachusetts burn injury claim without the guidance of one of our Boston burn injury lawyers, they have almost uniformly later requested assistance prior to settlement and frequently there were already serious negative issues associated with their injury case. The major reason is that the insurance company does not take a client as seriously who is not represented by competent counsel. Insurance companies are fully cognizant that our Boston, MA burn injury attorneys know the law and understand how much your or your loved one’s case may be worth. In the event that you do not get the expert help of our highly experienced Boston, MA burn injury lawyers after a fire or an explosion, the insurance company does not face the possibility of a lawsuit for money damages, and will seek to settle your personal injury claim for much less than it is worth.

For example, you may believe that a $180,000.00 settlement offer from a Massachusetts insurance company to resolve your Massachusetts personal injury case is fair, but the true value of your case may exceed $1,250,000.00. Typically, individuals that end up settling their own claims get only a small fraction of what our expert Boston burn injury lawyers would be able to recover for them in money damages.

Because treatments are so crucial to a Massachusetts burn injury victim's long-term functioning and appearance, it is important for a patient to receive the highest quality medical treatment and care possible. The experienced Boston burn injury attorney specialists and the Boston wrongful death attorney specialists at the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates serve as advocates for Massachusetts burn victims and fight to ensure they recover fair and just monetary compensation to pay for the most innovative treatments and rehabilitation techniques available. If you have suffered a serious burn and would like our Boston burn personal injury attorneys to help you get the care you need, call our Boston personal injury law firm today at 617-787-3700 or email us at Your needs are our top priority!

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