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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Massachusetts burn?

A burn is an injury that is caused by heat, radiation, chemicals or electricity. Severe Massachusetts burns and those burns that involve a substantial surface area can be life threatening.

What makes Massachusetts burns so dangerous?

The skin is the principal barrier to infection for the human body. When burns occur, the skin is destroyed. Without the protection of skin, Massachusetts burn victims are exposed to infections, and their health becomes extremely vulnerable.

What are the main effects of a Massachusetts burn injury?

Burns can affect the skin, muscles, blood vessels, nerves and bones. Depending on the type of burn and the affected area, body temperature, fluids, dexterity, physical appearance and emotional well being can all be affected. Outside of the physical damage that a serious Massachusetts burn injury can have, there are emotional and aesthetic pains that can last a lifetime. Seeking the proper treatment and therapy is a critical decision on your way to a full recovery.  

How frequent are serious burn injuries?

In the United States, every year, between 8,000 and 12,000 burn injury victims will die, and approximately one million burn injury victims will sustain substantial or permanent disabilities resulting from their burn injury.

Why does treatment for serious Massachusetts burn injuries take so long?

Successful treatment of Massachusetts burns requires stabilizing the patient, continuously preventing infection, and supporting the growth of new tissue. It is also crucial that, during treatment, contractures from scar tissue are prevented and range of motion is maintained. The growth of new tissue cannot be rushed. Treatment is also often delayed because complications following Massachusetts burns may occur some time after the initial Massachusetts incident.

Do I need to hire a Massachusetts burn injury lawyer for my Massachusetts burn injury claim?


Massachusetts burn injuries are among the most painful injuries that a Massachusetts resident can sustain. Massachusetts burn injuries can leave the Massachusetts burn victim emotionally, mentally and physically scarred for life. Unfortunately, most Massachusetts burn injuries are caused by someone else's negligence. To hold these negligent Massachusetts individuals accountable for their behavior, you will need a highly skilled Boston, Massachusetts burn injury lawyer by your side.

One of the most critical choices you will make towards your path to recovery from your Massachusetts burn injury accident is choosing the right Massachusetts personal injury law firm to represent you. You need a Massachusetts personal injury law office that has the relevant experience, expertise and reputation to tirelessly fight for you and your rights to seek the maximum financial compensation for your Massachusetts burn injury.

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There are many factors and considerations that will affect how long it may take a Massachusetts insurance company to pay for your or your loved one’s burn injury related damages. In some instances, an insurance company may allege that their insured is not responsible to you for your or your loved one’s burn injuries until the time of trial, at which point the insurance company may make a reasonable settlement offer, perhaps more than $1,000,000.00. This process, however, could potentially take years in order to come to fruition. On the other hand, the case may settle in as little as a number of months after our burn injury attorneys have gathered all of your or your loved one’s burn injury medical evidence. The length of time that it will take an insurance company to pay fair and just money damages for your burn injuries depends on all of the facts and circumstances surrounding your burn accident personal injury case and the position of the insurance company.

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